Pastor who Promised Congregation that 2020 Would be their Year of Breakthrough Arrested

A pastor in Kenya has found himself in trouble with law after church members asked for his arrest based on misleading information he gave them about year 2020.

Members of Kikuyu 7th Baptist Church filed a complain that during an overnight kesha (overnight meeting) to mark the end of the year, the pastor had declared that 2020 would be the year when they would experience total breakthrough.

Members claimed that many had taken the promise seriously and made major investment, with one member building a hotel, a school and starting a travel and tours firm in January. All those were closed early in the year and since then, auctioneers have already done their work.

“The pastor had assured me that 2020 would be ‘mwaka ambao nitaomoka.’ Right now, I am worse than I was 18 years ago,” said one disgruntled member. “I was to get a promotion but instead I was sent on an unpaid leave.”

On his defense, the pastor said that what he had in mind was selling masks and making sanitizers, and blamed the members for not staying in the New Year kesha to the end. “I clearly mentioned that sanitizers and masks would be a big hit, but most members were asleep already while others had left as soon as they heard that 2020 would be their year.”

We are not sure which law will be used to charge since it is evident that the church members did not have enough faith.

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