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African Union calls for Witches and Wizards to be on Standby for the Corona Virus

The African Union has issued a distress call to Witches and Wizards in all parts of Africa to be on standby as Africa prepares itself to deal with a possible spread of the deadly Corona virus in the continent.

In a message that was sent to the Association of Witches and Wizards in Africa, The African Union said that the virus that had defied all known medical treatment methods needed a new and innovative approach to ensure that it does not land in the continent. This is why Africa is going to use one of the best resources the continent has to fight the disease; sorcery and black magic.

The witches are expected to give the way forward on what to do in case the virus lands in the continent, which includes testing for the virus and treatment for the affected person. The best witchdoctors from West Africa will deal with critically ill people while South Africans will deal with fresh diagnosis. Testing will be carried out all around the continent, with a senior Black Witch located at the African Union headquarters to coordinate the work.

The Head of Emerging Tricks at the Association of Witches and Wizards in Africa said, “The world is expected to send benchmarking teams to Africa to learn how to apply traditional solutions to modern problems. If Africa had used witchcraft to fight the colonialists, things would be very different from where they are today.” 

African Union recently added Witchcraft as one of its strategic areas to focus on during the period 2020-2025. Already, several African presidents have successfully utilized Witchcraft to win elections and deal with the opposition.

Witchcraft is often used by the top companies in Africa to grow revenue, but has not been applied in conventional medicine.

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