Haiti to Send 1000 Witches to Help Prop up the Crumbling Kenyan Judiciary

The government of Haiti has pledged to send 1000 witches to Kenya to help prop up the Kenyan judiciary that is crumbling under the weight of escalating corruption. The witches, who are experts in traditional forms of justice, will offer their services to, the Kenyan courts and magistrates, who have been struggling with corruption, inefficiency […]


First Semester of Bachelor of Witchcraft Degree Turns Chaotic

Machakos University launched a Bachelor’s Degree course in witchcraft early in 2021, with classes commencing in April 2021. Our reporters followed up with the University to know what has been happening since the first batch of students reported, up to now just after the first semester ended. The Bachelor’s Degree in Witchcraft received a lot […]


Kitui Man Sues Uhuru Kenyatta at a Witchdoctor’s Court for Cherry-Picking Judges to Gazzette

A Kitui man has filed a case against president Uhuru Kenyatta for cherry-picking the judges to appoint instead of appointing all of them as demanded by law. While this should be a natural consequence of Uhuru’s decision, the surprising part is that the case has been filed at a Witchdoctor’s court instead of the ordinary […]


Why are Witches in South Africa Demanding for Priority Covid-19 Vaccination?

Witches in South Africa have added their voice to the Covid-19 vaccine debate; they want to be prioritized during the vaccination of health care workers. The request (or the demand because there are repercussions for denying witches what they want), is something that would be expected of every human. However, the fact that the same […]

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Machakos University Launches a Bachelor’s Degree in Witchcraft

Machakos University is set to launch a Degree in witchcraft, setting a record as the second institution to offer the same in the world. Speaking during the launch, the Vice Chancellor said that the course had already attracted tens of applicants and the University was aiming at exploiting local resources to make the course a […]


Ruto Calls for Constitutional Recognition of Witchcraft in Kenya

Deputy President William Ruto has called for mainstreaming of witchcraft and related activities in Kenya, saying that these have an integral role to play in the development of the country and the achievement of Vision 2030 goals. Speaking at a undisclosed ceremony at 3 am, Dr Ruto said that Kenya stood to benefit from the […]