Why are Witches in South Africa Demanding for Priority Covid-19 Vaccination?

Witches in South Africa have added their voice to the Covid-19 vaccine debate; they want to be prioritized during the vaccination of health care workers.

The request (or the demand because there are repercussions for denying witches what they want), is something that would be expected of every human. However, the fact that the same witches claim to cure all kinds of diseases and illnesses has left their clients confused.

“I do not understand why they need the vaccine,” said one Enzokuhle who used their service two times last year. “They helped me lose weight, cured the brain cancer that they diagnosed, and also helped me turn around my business. How comes they need the vaccine for their survival?”

It is something that defies all known logic, although witches are known to operate in a different logical realm.

However, the witches defended their requests saying that they are neither powerless in the hands of Covid-19, neither are they afraid of the virus. Instead, the request for vaccination is just a matter of economics – both money and time.

“Witches have been spending too much time and power fighting the virus. It is not an easy thing to cure people of Covid-19 using witchcraft science. This power that we are dispensing could be used for other pressing functions such as helping students pass exams, instead of using it against a disease whose vaccine is already here.”

They have a point.

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