Covid-19 Vaccine Stolen in Advance Before landing at JKIA

Even before the much awaited Covid-19 Vaccine could land in Kenya, Kenya had already happened to the vaccine.

The more than 1 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines started disappearing even before landing in Kenya, a sign that Kenya was still operating at ‘normal operating conditions’ and that our shared values of corruption, pilferage, outright theft and national greed have not been compromised.

Despite the theft, the remaining doses will be expected to cater for a large number of elites and political war lords from the wider Eastern African region before we can start vaccinating the frontline healthcare workers.

“Out of the expected 1.02 million doses of vaccine, we expect half to make it to the official distribution channels, of which some of that will be used to cater for political war lords from around the region because Kenya is keen on fostering regional peace and stability. The rest will go to our healthcare workers who have shown a high level of commitment to fighting the disease even without PPEs.”

It is feared that vaccine will take the same route that a German consignment of 6 million masks took in Nairobi.

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