Secrets of Mara Moja Tablets Revealed

The magic of a local pain killer popularly known as Mara Moja was brought to light when a local doctor decided to reveal the secret of the magical drug to Twitter peasants.

While many were amazed at the efficacy of the local drug that is sold at a free price, doctors have always known that it is a wonder drug that they use for all pains. So good is the drug that 99% of all fake doctors simply prescribe the drug for any pain, and the results are just okay.

An interview with local medics revealed stories of wonder and magic.

“I once had a patient who was run over by a tractor at a farm in Timboroa. The situation was hopeless because clinically, he was dead for 46 minutes and 13 second. As soon as he was injected him with Mara Moja, he walked out of the hospital like Chuck Norris, and went ahead to become an Olympic medalist.”

It’s not just the doctors who use the drug.

Rumor has it that the good old Mightiest Prophet carries is it in his beard. Before any miracle, patients are made to sniff it three times and the miracle happens. Even the dead get to have some Mara Moja forced down their throat before prophet Owuor can resurrect them.

WARNING: Never abuse drugs.