NHIF to Pay for Self-Medication

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will soon start paying for your favorite form of healthcare – self-medication.

In a major win for the people, NHIF will compensate you for using traditional forms of medical care instead of rushing to the hospital anytime you have a common cold or a strange pain that you are unable to describe.

NHIF has noted that self-medication is a popular form of healthcare and those who pay for NHIF and end up self-medicating should also benefit from the fund.

“self-medication is a trusted form of health care in this country. The person who self-medicates is actually saving the country a lot of money. If you have a headache and you go to your nearest clinic, they will diagnose you with severe acute 7th stage head cancer, and NHIF will have to pay for your treatment in India. On the other hand, if you decide to boil some mwarobaine and drink that stuff for breakfast, you get well within 17 seconds. That is the power of self-medication.”

The Ministry of Health also acknowledged the important role of self-medication, especially in the fight against Covid-19. “Our level 1 healthcare approach is self-medication. It has always worked. A concoction of ginger, lemon, garlic and honey has saved this country millions of shillings that would have been spent in PPEs of those patients ended up in Covid beds. We should appreciate such efforts by refunding their expenses from NHIF.”

Besides self-medication, NHIF is considering paying for funerals because they make hospital stay shorter.

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