Susan Kihika Cuts off Ties with Her Dynasty Family to show Commitment to Hustlers

Tangatanga politician and Senator for Nakuru County Susan Wakarura Kihika has a made a radical decision that will see her adopted into the hustler nation, despite her links to a major dynasty family.

The firebrand politician has legally cut ties with all her family members in order to maintain an untainted hustler narrative, noting that her continued attachment to the Kihika family has left the hustler movement speaking from both sides of its mouth.

“I am a diehard hustler but my family is not. My father was the famous politicians who was very well known, had a record of arrogance and amassed a lot of wealth. He was one of the people who fought Moi because the former president was a Kalenjin hence unfit to rule. He openly boasted that he can kill anyone who played games with him, was elected an MP in three constituencies, and six of my step mothers once vied for MP seats. This is what I am trying to run away from.”

The politician will thus be known as Sue Wakarura with no reference to Kihika, and should not be associated with the 600 million estate left by his father, although she has already received her share of it.

"I am now Sue Wakahura and not Susan Kihika. I will no longer be associated with the Kihika family because my DNA is hustler and not dynasty. #PostaMate Click To Tweet

While effecting her conversion from dynasty to hustler, economist David Ndii noted that hustler is a state of the mind and anybody is welcome to join, irrespective of their background. “Even if you were born into the famous Gatabaki family, you can still be a be a hustler because it is just a state of the mind.”

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