Owuor Suspends all Prayer and Healing Crusades due to Corona Virus

Mightiest Prophet Dr David Owuor has suspended all public gatherings including miracle healing crusades for the next 18 months, citing fears of corona virus.

In a very funny announcement that was made to his followers, Owuor cited the risks posed by the Corona Virus globally and said that members needed to stay safe and avoid crowded places because the virus is real.

“I am genetic scientist by profession and I know the risks that Virus pose to the world,” said Owuor. “I advise our members to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus, which include contact with infected people and even travelling to countries that are highest hit by the virus.”

The prophet also cancelled several preaching and healing engagements that were scheduled to take place later this month in Italy and South Korea. While Corona Virus was not mentioned as a reason for the cancellation, it is well known that these are among the worst hit countries by the virus.

Although other pastors specializing in healing and deliverance have not spoken on the matter, our reporters tried to contact Apostle James Ng’ang’a on the issue but did not get a clear response. When asked if it was ok to bring a corona virus patient to his church, Ng’ang’a stammerd and mumbled a few words before quickly hanging up the phone.

The move will adversely affect his prayer and healing crusades which attract thousands of people wherever he goes. With no cure for the virus, it seems that the good old prophet is neither taking chances nor is he ready to step in and offer solution like he has done for other older, more familiar viruses like HIV.

The followers of the prophet are now on their own and are adopting the slogan ‘good health starts with you.’ One of the senior members at the Eldoret Main Altar said that since the virus was new, they needed more time before they can respond to it effectively. “It would be very unfortunate for a crippled man to be healed, start walking, only to contract the virus and die. That is why we are taking precautions.”

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