Meet Bridget Bema

Apology for the misleading headline, because you cannot meet Bridget Bema. It’s Bridget Bema who meets you.

Kenyans online cannot have enough of the wonder kid Bridget Bema who seems to have the highest propensity for bending laws, a unique trait that has seen her nominated for the Mashujaa Day awards. She singlehandedly influences the strategic direction of the school as the discipline master helplessly watches. She is not rebellious. Rebellion is her. That is Bridget Bema.

Asked about what she thinks about discipline and observing school rules, she did not mince her words. “The greatness of any school lies in its fidelity to the school motto, adherence to the school rules, and above all, respect to God.” She went fully philosophical as she narrated the ethics and morality of school discipline, a concept we thought was alien to her. On the ground, things are very different.

At Home

Bema is that nice kid who never complains. “Give her scrambled eggs which he does not like and she quickly unscrambles them and eats in her preferred form.” Said her mother.

She is also good at house chores. She conveniently stares at utensils until they become clean, or simply assigns one of his uncles the cleaning work. She has life figured out.

Academic Prowess

Her teachers have a different tale to tell. “Bridget Bema does not fail in the dictation class. If she happens to misspell a word, Oxford will change the spelling. If she gets a formula wrong, we update the textbook to comply with the wishes of Bridget Bema.”

She is also able to count to infinity and often assigns her mathematics teachers some homework at the end of the day.

Last week she summoned a Board of Management meeting.

When she grows up, she wants to be a governor.


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