39 African Politicians Could have been Given Fake Covid-19 Vaccine in UK

Police in the UK are investigating an incidence where several senior African politicians could have been conned thousands of dollars with the promise of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The politicians had paid an undisclosed amount of money to an Indian man who was supposed to help them secure the vaccine for their own use. Unfortunately, no one knows how the real vaccine looks like and therefore it was hard for them to know that the injection they were receiving was just some distilled water.

The 39 politicians went to the UK earlier this week for undisclosed businesses which are classified under diplomatic confidentiality. However, authorities raised concerns when all them seem to have visited a private clinic in Worcester and left promptly. A visit to the clinic found used bottles that were labelled Pfizer/BioNTech, but the content inside was distilled water.

It is not clear how the matter will be resolved, but UK authorities are warning the purported recipients of the vaccine that they are not safe from Covid-19 and should take all the necessary precautions. However, they did not disclose the politicians involved due to diplomatic protocols.

“We ask them not to come to the UK and instead stay back and build a working health care system back at home. The UK will not take any Covid-19 medical tourists.”

Commenting on the story, several people in Africa expressed disappointment that the fake vaccine was just some distilled water. “They could have made it better by adding a little Cyanide which is known to help improve leadership capacity, but we are glad that at least it was not the vaccine.”

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