Kenya acquires a Morgue in Saudi Arabia to Cater for Murdered Domestic Workers

The Government of Kenya has taken steps to bring to an end the problems faced by domestic workers of Kenyan origin in the Middle East.

Following numerous cases of murder by employers, Kenya has acquired a temporary morgue that will be used to ‘house’ the murdered until their families can raise monies to fly the body home.

Located in Saudi Arabia, the morgue will serve all Kenyans within the greater Middle East region. Government officials said that this was the first step that GoK was taking following years of complains from different people.

“With our own mortuary here, we will be able to buy some time for grieving families to raise funds and fly the body back to Kenya. Fundraising takes time and we need to help the families by storing the body as they get ready for the burial.”

Currently, poor families are forced to do emergency fundraising to bring the bodies back home, and those from Western Kenya are forced to bury their kin without enough time to mourn. This will change with the new mortuary.

In addition, the mortuary will offer employment to three Kenyans who will serve as undertakers. This position will be filled by Kenyans who are not able to handle domestic abuse in Saudi Arabia.

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