Macharia Defends the Appointment of 3 Kikuyus into a NMS Body

Transport CS James Macharia has defended the appointment of three Kikuyus into the Board of Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.

The appointment which drew public outrage last week saw three members of the same tribe appointed by a CS of the same tribe to a government that is predominantly dominated by the same tribe. This prompted the CS to issue a statement to clear the air and help Kenyans know the logic behind the appointment.

“There is nothing wrong with this appointment. It is just like the other appointments we have done in the past. We have Kikuyus everywhere and adding three more won’t break the country. Besides, this is a systemic issue that only BBI can solve.”

The good CS of Transport went ahead to highlight some of the key competencies that make the three Kikuyus suitable for the role. “These people do not even know each other, yet they are being condemned together. I can assure Kenyans that these people were born and bred in Nairobi and do not even speak Kikuyu. They are also not related to anybody serving in the current government, except me.”

The CS added that the three people appointed to the position are the best Kikuyus suited for that role, and they all voted for Raila during the previous elections.

Macharia called on Kenyans to accept the appointment, advising those not satisfied with the appointment to campaign for BBI because it is the blanket solution to such problems.

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