Although BBI will not Address Unemployment, it will Make Life Easier for Unemployed Kenyans

Joblessness is a major challenge in Kenya. For the young people aged 18 -35 who are looking for jobs, the most readily available job opportunity is looking for a job. And while some of them will not admit that they are jobless because it affects both their short term and long term relationships, the fact that they make less than a dollar a day tells it all. We are a nation of joblessness.

This is where BBI – the Building Bridges Initiative – comes to the rescue of the unemployed.

The recently unveiled document which has promised to help the young people of this great nation is tackling unemployment head on. BBI wants unemployed people to find peace and comfort in their unemployment since this is a more realistic goal than promising young people jobs.

“We want the youth to be happy while unemployed, instead of being sad and unemployed. We are unlocking all the benefits of unemployment for the young people to enjoy because unemployment is here to stay. We want them to enjoy the privilege of not having to wake up early to go to work, having to deal with unreasonable employers, and being paid peanuts!”

Once BBI is passed, life will be extremely easy for the unemployed people because they will not pay their HELB loans which they have not been paying anyway, and they will have a 7 year tax break for their business, although they have just been filing nil returns for the last 7 years.

Still doubting? Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed this. “First of all, BBI has its root in a jobless Raila Odinga. A document that is founded on unemployment cannot fail to consider the plight of the unemployed.”

Let us all support the BBI.

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