Museveni Wonders how a man with 24/7 access to Nuclear Football can Lose an Election

The President of Uganda since 1986, Yoheri Kaguta Museveni – recently rebranded to Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni – is unable to can.

As Donald Trump fights a losing battle to retain the presidency, Museveni is wondering how a man with such immense powers can lose he top job in a country.

Power Factor

Losing an election is part of life, but not all the time. When you are the man at the top of the pyramid with access to all types of power, losing an election should not happen. This is because in a democracy, people do not know how to think and they are always assisted to think. The assistance can be done using some little force within the law.

This is why the internet is switched off, the opposition candidates are made to disappear or held by the police, votes are counted in the dark or the swearing in takes place before the counting is complete. All this requires some form of power to implement, and only an incumbent can pull such moves.

Losing Trump

But when it comes to the president of the United States, Museveni cannot understand what is happening. A sitting president who has control over the biggest military in the world and a remote control for some nuclear weapons is losing an election!

“It is unimaginable. He has all the power but he is being held hostage by some interns who are paid to count votes. This is very unpresidential!”

All this could have been prevented because earlier in the year, Museveni had advised Trump on how to win a reelection. Unfortunately, Trump did not take the advice seriously, and the results are costly. However, Museveni still thinks that all is not lost and given a chance, he can show Donald how to get things right before the January swearing in.

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