Following the success of his ‘Anybody Can Gerrit’ song with Kenyan-based producer Totsvi, CS Mutahi Kagwe has added yet another song to his musical repertoire in the form of a diss track targeted at COVID-19.

Speaking to news stations this afternoon at Afya House, he reported that he was inspired to write the diss track one evening after reading the daily Coronavirus infection toll in the country. “This disease has continued to treat us abnormarry and I had to respond.”

In the song, the Cabinet Secretary raps;
“Kwa majina mi ni Mutahi,
Na COVID ni mimi na wee saa hii,
In the rast 24 hours,
Nimekuwa nikikuandikia hizi paragraph.

Weka social distance kati ya wewe na Kenya,
Tutakutupa mbali; kama lecturer na Mwakenya,
Haijalishi whether you are meo or femeo,
Fact ni hauwezani na hii cheo.”

The CS-cum-rapper-cum-emcee then moves on to rap on the facial features of COVID-19, about COVID’s mother, and about ‘hitting him up in a drive-by’, presumably in reference to the song by 2Pac.

Dr Mercy Mwangangi & Dr Mercy Korir also appear in the song harmonizing in the hook:
“Hautuwezi COVID, Hautuwezi;
Hakuna kurudi nyuma, hatutarudi Misri;
Hautuwezi COVID, Hautuwezi;
Leaders wetu ni wezi; but bado hautuwezi.”

The hit song has received numerous positive reviews and has topped numerous African charts since its release, so much so that even Ethic Entertainment have been rumoured to be working on a remix of the song where they will use words & phrases no one will understand.
It was however received poorly by Ezekiel Mutua who commented that due to the song’s supposed ‘graphic’ content, it should only be played in low volume for crowds of less than 7 people between 12am and 12.27am.

We have received insider information that the CS is now working on a diss track against Ebola virus, TB & the worst virus to plague mankind; njahi.

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