Governance International

Black Tax Evasion now a Crime in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has become the first country in the world to criminalize black tax evasion. President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré signed the new bill into law, which will see every eligible person paying their fair share of black tax. The law will also ensure that there is minimal black tax avoidance. The black tax law […]

Education International

Experts Worried that Formal Education in Uganda Cannot be Restarted

Schools in Uganda have reopened after nearly two years, but all is not well. In fact, nothing is good at all. It is now evident that education cannot be restarted because everything is working against education. The learners have changed, and their minds are gone. Uniform Problem A spot check by PostaMate found that 64% […]


Cameroonians Urged to be Thankful for Country’s Low Life Expectancy

Cameroon President Paul Biya has asked those frustrated with conflicts, poverty and lack of opportunities in the country to be grateful because they will not live long. Speaking in the midst of a deepening Anglophone Crisis, increased poverty and a promise of eternal poor governance, Biya said that Cameroonians are lucky because they do not […]

International Social

Increasing Number of Adults Addicted to Cocomelon

A study has shown that 67% of all parents are now addicted to the popular children YouTube channel Cocomelon, with some even spending more time on the channel than their kids. In what experts refer to as the greatest parenting crisis of the 21st Century, parents are no longer parenting, but sitting back and binging […]


Biden Urges Africans to Ditch use of Firewood so that Americans can Continue Enjoying their Mega Trucks Guilt Free

US President Joe Biden has called on Africans to ditch the use of firewood and other biomass fuels so that Americans can continue driving their extra-large SUVs and mega trucks without climate guilt. Speaking at the sidelines of the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, Biden said that the Burden of achieving a net zero […]


Taliban Files for IPO with Plans to list on New York Stock Exchange

The Taliban filed paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday (Sep. 3) for an initial public offering (IPO) that will reportedly value the Deobandi Islamist religious-political movement and military organization at some $39 billion. First of its kind, the Taliban seeks to establish a new form of government that is all inclusive […]


Biden Begs Taliban not to Destroy the 3 KFC restaurants in Kabul

President Joe Biden has called on the Taliban to avoid bombing, destroying or closing down the three KFC in Kabul as a show of commitment to the country’s shared history with the US. In a cable that was sent to the Taliban, Biden said that both US and Afghanistan have a rich history of shared […]


At 60, Barack Obama Could Still run for President Again

Former US president Barack Obama turned 60 for the first time in his life this week. His plan for a huge birthday celebration may not work out well since Republicans and other enemies want him to turn sixty alone, something that’s unacceptable among black people. Although he had dis-invited the 44,500 people on the initial […]


Vegetarianism rises by 33% Spurred by Tough Economic Conditions

Vegetarianism and veganism have experienced a major boost in the world in the past 15 months, with number of people who have decided to keep off animal products increasing by 33%. Data from various sources show that more and more people are getting the Indian inspiration and opting to leave animals in peace. While tastes […]