Raila Finally Warming up to the Idea of Rigging the Election

Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is finally warming up to the reality that stolen elections produce legitimate winners, after all.

After joining hands with the people who have been stealing the election from him, Raila Odinga has come to admit that his opponents were probably right; the way to victory is through rigging the elections. This is something that he is open to.

“We are going to win the election through the popular vote, but a little help from our newly found friends can go a long way. If they can do their thing during the counting, the victory will be much greater. They have done it before; they can do it again.”

Raila said that his partnership with Uhuru Kenyatta was meant to bring hands that are experienced in winning elections to his team. “They know how to win both by hook and crook, and they are on our side. What else can we ask for?”

Raila’s position has angered the deputy president who has called for free and fair elections, just as it happened in 2013 and 2017. Ruto said that every candidate must stick to their way of winning or losing elections, just as it has happened in the past two elections.

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