Maasai Community Warns Against Attempts to Remove Ole from Manchester United

The Maasai community has come out to strongly defend one who they think is their son following calls for the sacking of Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær as the team continued to cement their position at the basement of the English Premier League.

Speaking in a hurriedly convened press conference, Maasai elder and Governor Ole Lenku said that the community was being unfairly targeted by political operatives and media, both local and international. He said that the move to kick Out Ole was purely political and they would fight tooth and nail (definitely one tooth less) to ensure that their son remains at the helm of the Club whose dreams of winning any trophy soon are in the obituaries.

Others who gave credence to the statement include Senator Ole Kina, Professor Ole Kiyiapi and several other Morans.

The statement left the Norwegian ambassador in Kenya in an awkward position as he could not correct their assumption for the fear of sounding political, although his silence was most likely an attempt to disassociate his country with the Manchester based outcast.

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