Sunday Service Cancelled after Bass Guitar Malfunction

A Sunday service was postponed indefinitely at a Pentecostal church in Nairobi after the only bass guitar in the church malfunctioned. The morning service had to be called off after an intern guitarist accidentally tripped on the revered equipment, breaking one string and seriously damaging the preamplifier that is used with the guitar.

The incidence triggered panic and confusion as ushers scrambled the worshippers who had gathered and ushered them out of the church, promising them that the church management would get in touch in the course of the week.

Even those who needed special prayers could not be attended to following the misfortune, and only the offering was collected at the gate as panicked worshippers ran out of the church.

“We can’t have a service today,” said the Lead Apostle. “It will be extremely hard for the Holy Spirit to move in our midst without the bass guitar. We will have to do this next Sunday.”

The youth pastor stated that the youth would not tolerate a church service without the bass guitar, further highlighting the importance of the equipment in worship. He however said that such occurrences were very rare, and it was a spiritual attack on the church that prides itself as tech savvy and hell nasty.

The band members left shortly after the incident, resolving to do a 40-day prayer and fasting before the next service next week.

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