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BBI Promises a Posho Mill for Every Household in Kakamega

The BBI team received a warm welcome in Western Kenya following following a promise by the government to give every household in the region a posho mill.

The government announced that as a form of building a bridge between the farm and the mouth, every household in Western Kenya would receive an internet connected posho mills which would be used to end food shortage and help farmers make better use of their maize produce.

The news was received with excitement by residents who had experienced years of exploitation by posho mill cartels who charge exorbitant prices, open at their own convenience, and sometimes retain some flour in the machines thus stealing from the hungry.

The ‘household posho mill initiative’ will be funded by the Chinese government at cost of 194 billion, and will be implemented by the China Road and Bridge Company as part of the Building Bridges Initiative. It us expected to lead to an economic growth of 16% in the region, neutralizing the harmful effect of VAT.

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