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Confusion as Prophet Owuor Fails to Take Credit for the Locusts in Eastern Africa

Efforts to control the desert locusts that have been ravaging parts of Eastern Africa have been hampered by the surprise move by the Mightiest Prophet of God of not taking credit for the invasion.

The prophet, who specializes in Disaster Prophecy, has not said a word about the insects, and both followers and critics have been left in confusion as it seemed both obvious and logical that the Mightiest Prophet would take credit for the locusts.

“When we saw the locusts we knew the Prophet had decided to take the Pharaoh way against Kenya and were even preparing for more plagues,” said a member of the church. “We are not sure of what to do until the Prophet Speaks on the matter. Usually, the prophet makes thousands of prophecies to cover any possible eventuality and simply release the video when an event occurs, but this time he seems oddly silent.”

The move has left the agencies coordinating the fight against the insects in confusion, as their root cause analysis which was expected to lead to Prophet Owuor could not yield any result. Even Al Shabaab failed to credit for the invasion, instead, joining in in the fight against the marauding insects.

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