Uhuru Transfers DP’s Office to the Ministry of Agriculture

In an effort to streamline government operations, President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed an Executive Order that places the office of the Deputy President under the Ministry of Agriculture. In the Executive Order number 8194 of 2020, the president said that he was cognizant of the immense role that Agriculture plays in the economy of Kenya, […]


GoK Competing with Floods, Locusts and Covid-19 in Annihilating Kenyans

The Government of Kenya has reaffirmed its position as the leading threat to the people of Kenya after it emerged the front runner in the race with locusts, floods and Covid-19 to annihilate Kenyans. The government which had been falling behind in the last two weeks after the police decided to minimize the number of […]


Locusts Now Working from Home

In a classic case of ‘Set a thief to catch a thief,’ Kenya appears to be solving one problem using another, achieving a unprecedented level of synergy. This is where you turn your enemy against another enemy, then sitting back to watch the battle unfold. That appears to be the situation in Kenya when a […]


Al-Shabaab Joins the Fight Against Locusts in Kenya

The fight against swarms of desert locusts invading Eastern and North Eastern Kenya has received a major boost after Al Shabaab decided to join the fight against the marauding insects. In a press conference, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Agriculture noted that the militant group would work alongside the Kenya Police who are already […]