An anonymous source from the Trump Administration yesterday leaked information that despite having the whole of White House as well as dozens of his own residential buildings, Donald Trump was instead living rent-free in the heads of all Democrats.

The source further clarified that the God-Emperor Of The United States, Donald Trump, moved into his first home inside Obama’s head in 2016; so much so that the then-President, Obama, used his last days in office to try to sabotage the new administration; the scandal that is now known as ‘#OBAMAGATE’ (always written in caps).

“Even before winning the election, he had already moved his furniture into Hillary Clinton’s head,” the source informed us. “I mean, she was talking about him unprovoked in all her speeches, and all the Mainstream media could do was say his name over & over. We never paid a dime in publicity!”

It was after his victory that he moved all his belongings into Nancy Pelosi’s head, put his feet up, and took his iPhone out to start tweeting. He is also known to spend some nights in the heads of late-night TV show hosts & making them talk about him in all their screenings.

This also explains the obsession of some Democrats such as Dr Eugene Gu, Jeff Tiedrich, Angela Belcamino & Jeffrey Guterman who are known to reply to Trump’s tweets within 8.3 seconds of him posting.

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