House Republicans Look to Pass Sex Outside Marriage Control legislation by November

House Republicans will try to advance a raft of sex control bills early next month to solve the problem of unexpected pregnancies following the overturning of Roe Vs Wade.

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) has called committee lawmakers back from a break to markup sex legislation that combines three separate bills. The three bills seek to make it illegal for any American to engage in sex outside marriage and also confine sex only within legally married couples.

The combined bill will also seek to divine sex as an act of attempted procreation, thus normalizing pregnancy as a natural consequence of sex. This is the basis on which the house seeks to come up with laws to help curb the problem of unwanted pregnancies, and consequently, abortion.

“The reason why people are fighting for abortion is because we have normalized copulation without the awareness that the primary consequence of that is pregnancy. Yes, there are birth control methods, but those only work to reduce chances of getting pregnant and are not 100% effective. Anybody engaging in sex must be awake to the reality that it can result in a pregnancy.”

If the bill is passed, Americans will only be expected to engage in sex only within the confines of marriage, bringing an end to casual sex which has led to an increased demand for abortions.

“The root cause for abortions is sex. This is where we need to train our guns on. Regulating abortion is a little too late; after the horse has bolted. If we do not have unwanted pregnancies, we will not be talking about 99.999% of all abortions.”

Democrats Mull Next Move

The act is likely to face stiff resistance from House Democrats who want to resist the changing of battle lines from abortion to sex. Already, prominent democrats have indicated that they will not participate both in the current bill and the previous three bills.

“We can’t have the government telling us who to sleep with. The agenda of Republicans is to control our women, children, and the LGBTQIA people. This is against all the past amendments.”

The current bills before the house include:

  • Stick to Your Spouse Act
  • No Marriage no Sex Act
  • Fornication and Adultery Prohibition Act

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