Brookside Promises to Reduce the Amount of Water in Milk

Brookside has revealed a plan to reduce the amount of water that is contained in its milk, in an attempt to attract more customers.

Speaking to the media, the company spokesperson said that Kenyans were more interested in pure milk and they would try to ensure that their milk contains only utmost 10% water, as opposed to the current 85% offered in the market. This will make Brookside the company with the best milk quality in Kenya.

“As far as milk is concerned, one has to regularly alter the water content or price in order to respond to market forces. Kenyans do not like high prices, and the only sure way to keep the price down is to play about with the amount of water in the milk.” Said the head of quality control in Brookside. “We intend to keep both the prices and the water quantity low.”

The move is revolutionary in a country where every milk supplier is known to add some water in the milk as a form of price control. The practice commonly referred to as milk baptism is rampant all over Kenya and Kenyans can never be sure of the amount of water contained in their tea, making it harder to make the perfect tea.

Milk baptism is done by all vendors, but the practice is worse among Christians who practice baptism and especially the ones who baptize people with a lot of water. Anglicans are known to be moderate in baptizing their milk, making them the best milk vendors.

Brookside seems to be going the Anglican way by assuring Kenyans that their milk will always have less water.

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