Trump asks Police to Minimize Killing of Unarmed Black People

US President Donald Trump has asked the police to minimize the killing of unarmed black people, saying that the act is negatively affecting the Republican Party campaign and could give his main competitor Joe Biden a lead in the November Poll.

Speaking after a brief golfing round at The Trump National Golf Club, the president said that no police officer would be allowed to attack and kill any unarmed black person, and any white officer found doing that would be fired or transferred to another police jurisdiction.

Trump’s statement came after George Floyd died in what most Republicans termed as a collateral damage in the maintenance of law and order. Floyd died after a police officer restrained him using the conventional methods after ‘resisting arrest,’ an act which is regrettable by all Republican Standards.

“The officers went a bit too far. We need to minimize the death of these black people because it is important to our reelection,” said one white male. Another one partially blamed George Floyd for not acting in the best interest of the country. “Black lives matter, and this negro failed to understand that and he let himself die. How can we say black lives matter when the same blacks are not willing to hang on to life when it matters most?”

The directive by Trump will be in place until mid-November 2020, after which their implementation will be looked at on case to case basis.

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