US to Ban All Public Schools to Curb Mass Shootings

A section of US legislators has a magic wand to end school shootings once and for all.

Following a deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvale, Texas, politicians have come together to bring an end to this daily occurrence in the United States. The radical proposal involves a ban on all public schools in the US.

The proposition to ban public school will see children attend private schools where it is easy to regulate who has an access to the school, or even not go to school at all. Parents with capacity will have an option to homeschooling their children

“We can’t pass laws to control gun ownership because Republicans don’t like it. We cannot work to fix our broken society because Democrats do not like it. Every response today can only be a stopgap measure until we are bold enough to ban public schools.”

Various leaders expressed support for the ban.

“Banning public schools will work better for the United States. It will lessen the burden for the States while creating opportunities for entrepreneurial Americans to step in and offer the service, leading to more taxes. In the end, states will have more money to cater for other needs such as maintenance of vacant buildings and printing documents that no one needs to read.”

Besides, most Americans don’t see any value in schools.

World Wonders On

While mass shootings are an everyday occurrence in the United States, the rest of the world rarely experiences such. An average human being on planet earth has never been affected by mass shootings, unless in the rare case of war torn countries and terrorist attacks. For this reason, it is hard to empathize with the Americans because no other country really understands what it is to live under the shadow of mass shooters.

While there are other solutions that could work, no one of them seems radical enough. The US can ban assault weapons, fortify schools, or even tell shooters not to shoot. However, the most comprehensive way to ensure that schools are safe is to ban schools. Without schools, there will be no school shootings.

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