Journalists Can’t Wait to Break the News of the First Covid-19 Case in Schools

Journalists in Kenya are spending sleepless nights trying to be the first to break the news of the first Covid-19 case in schools.

For journalist, each second counts and whoever breaks the news gets all the glory. This is why majority of them cannot afford to sleep and instead, they are spending their time loitering around schools listening for any sign of coughs and loss of sense of smell. The big story must break as soon as possible.

Others have already been working on editorials on how reckless government policy and inconsistent, incompetent government officials have conspired to ruin the future of our children. The editorials are ready waiting to be published the day the first case in schools is confirmed. They have already documented and analyzed the various blunders that the Ministry of Education has done and it just a matter of mentioning the new cases in schools.

For the parents, fingers are closed as common sense indicates that Covid-19 will eventually land in schools. Many continue to hope that their kids will not be victims and even if they are, it will not be serious. Teachers are scared as well, but headteachers are waiting for the moment when fatigue will set in and social distancing will be forgotten in schools. “You know very well that we do not have infinite space in schools, and the sooner we get over this the better it will be.”

Say a prayer for the nation.

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