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Broke GoK Banking on Senate’s Stalemate on Revenue Sharing Formula

We are not saying that it is a crime to be broke, but the Government of Kenya currently has only 27 bob on M-PESA, an Mshwari loan that is overdue, 202 shillings at the treasury and 19 missed calls from China.

We know that you are also in the same boat. We are all together in this. We can blame a difficult 2019 and a Covid-19, but blames and excuses don’t change anything.

What do you do at such a time? That is a difficult time for any person or government, but not for an African parent. Since our government is African and is also not young, the solution was very easy to find.

Treasury is now hoping that the artificially induced stalemate at the Senate will last long enough for the government to have collected a few more taxes, bearing in mind that this is the first month of the financial year. It is expected that stalemate at the Senate will last until mid September, by which some taxes will have trickled in or IMF will come through. Meanwhile, Kenyans will be kept entertained through live proceedings at the Senate, newspaper articles, talk shows and other nonsense about revenue sharing.

By now, Kenyans have already forgotten that a similar stalemate that delayed the disbursement of money into the counties happened at the same time last year. The script is the same, the characters are the same; but the memories are different.

Respect a government!

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