Kenya Police Receive Donation of Clubs from the US to help fight COVID

The Kenya Police spokesperson today received a consignment of clubs from their counterparts in United States of America in a global co-operation agreement to fight COVID

The spokesperson also thanked their Chinese counterparts for donating clubs no longer needed in Hong Kong COVID fights that erupted earlier this year and wish them luck with their new law that has made it easier to abduct suspected COVID carriers hiding as protesters

“We are very happy to receive these clubs and teargas that have been very effective on Africans in the US, and we want to assure the US Police force that they will also be just as effective on Africans at home”, said the government spokesperson

Kariobangi residents received the news of the donations with mixed feelings with one resident citing concerns that the clubs from America might be too high quality to be effective in fighting COVID-19 in the streets; “I don’t know if the teargas and clubs from America can withstand the Kenyan climate. Usually an officer is very quick to throw their club at you because it is cheap but now they might hesitate because of the quality”

Similar quality concerns have been raised by activists for the clubs donated by the Chinese government with some calling for a probe on the disappearance of some of them and their appearance in Tanzania and Ethiopia

KEBS and KEMSA were reached for comment but were unavailable by the time of publishing

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