JSC Raises Minimum Bribe in the Judiciary to 1 billion

The Judicial Service Commission of Kenya has raised the bribe floor in the Judiciary to KShs 1 billion following an abuse of justice by allowing small bribe amounts.

Responding to an expose by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, JSC said that it is unfortunate that judges were accepting bribes as low as KShs 100 million, something that could make justice accessible even to the poor. This would need to stop if Kenyans are to suffer equally under the judiciary.

“It is unfortunate that a Judge will accept a bribe as little as KShs 100 million, something that many Kenyans can afford. We need a more ambitious judiciary that does not tolerate peanuts. We have directed judges and magistrates not to take any bribe that is less than KShs 1 billion. This will ensure that all people are equal under the law, expect the select few who can afford the KShs 1 billion.”

JSC admitted that bribes were a major income boost for its staff, but an open pocketed approach to the issue would make Judiciary similar to traffic police department which has been known to accept bribes as little as 5 shillings. “We need judges to remember that they are ‘My Lords’ and there is some dignity attached to that office. Let them set the standards so high so that everybody will be equal under the law.

Cases of bribery in the judiciary has denied many people justice, especially the poor. With the new floor level, bribes will reduce since very people will afford to bribe a judge. This will lead to justice especially for the small persons.

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