Ruto asks Close Allies to Minimize Corruption as witch-hunt Begins

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has requested his close allies to minimize all acts of corruption after his relationship with the President hit an all-time low.

Speaking at his Karen residence, Ruto said that the next few months will see people close to him being targeted and accused of all sorts of crimes, and so they should try to remain as clean as possible.

“We know that the witch-hunt has started and they plan to charge all of us with corruption related crimes. I urge all the hustlers, especially those in power, to be careful. Let us minimize corrupt dealings until it is safe to resume normal operations.”

Ruto warned his close allies to minimize the kickbacks, policy corruption, direct thefts, tender frauds, con game and receiving bribes. He specifically mentioned those who still have access to huge government monies to play safe because they will be expected to come through during the 2022 elections.

Bridging the Corruption Divide

While corruption has been the middle name of the Jubilee government, the Ruto led faction has faced more scrutiny due to lack of widespread networks that can be used to conceal looted money. This is something that could be exploited further in the ongoing phase of witch-hunt.

While corruption is a devolved function, the Ruto led team has suffered more for the same compared to the dynasty gang. This is despite the fact that the dynasties have stolen more than the hustlers. The dynasties have people and institutions that allow them to loot without detection, while hustlers’ paper trail is very obvious. This makes people think that hustlers are stealing more, which is not very correct.”

With corruption minimized, it is expected that most political activities will slow down until a time when corruption resumes back to normal levels. However, the dynasties could still run their campaigns full throttle since they are still running their corruption full speed, and Covid-19 protocols do not apply to them.

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