Service delivery at Risk as GoK runs out of competent Kalenjins

The Government of Kenya has warned that service delivery may be at risk due to an acute shortage of competent Kalenjin professionals to run key institutions.

In a presser to Kalenjin Radio Stations, the Head of Public Service warned that the government will not be in a position to deliver on its promises unless more Kalenjins can be found to help realize its manifesto.

“We have looked all over and every qualified Kalenjin has already gotten a job. Even those without connections are already holding high-profile offices. We have a serious problem and we need to explore if there are some Kalenjins out there who do not have jobs. The country needs them.”

He warned that any jobless Kalenjin who could be hiding to escape serving the nation will be arrested and granted a public office to run since this is their natural calling. “The K in Kenya stands for Kalenjin. We all know that there is no path to sustainable development without Kalenjin’s involvement. We are working to sort out the glitch.”

The Ministry of Education also asked Universities to expedite the graduation of all Kalenjin students, noting that a lot of productivity was tied up in unrealized graduations and the traditional education system. “We have several high potential workers of Kalenjin background who are stuck in the school system, some even in the first year of study. We need to unlock this value by expediting their studies and getting them into the economy. These are critical to our success as a country.”

Kalenjins hiding behind running marathons were also asked to stop playing games and immediately pick a parastatal to run, failure to which action will be taken against them.

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