Ken Lusaka haunted by Dreams of Wheelbarrows

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka is a haunted man. For him, nights are unbearable and darkness brings horrifying dreams that make his life one hell of an existence.

The speaker has said that for the past few weeks he is unable to sleep. Nights bring with them dreams of giant sized wheelbarrows that look like Euro Trucks and they keep trying to run over him. Small wheelbarrows also show up but they are fitted with mandibles like giant beetles at the front and a tail with venomous stinger like a scorpion.

“I see small wheelbarrows, giant wheelbarrows, autonomous wheelbarrows and kamikaze wheelbarrows coming at me. I see an army of wheelbarrows flying towards me like locusts and my bed feels like a wheelbarrow. I dread the night.”

The speaker has sought help from numerous counselors and psychiatrists without success. He has tried sleeping at work just to confuse the haunters but nothing seems to work. He is now asking anyone who can help or recommend a therapist to help. “I am ready for help from whichever side it comes from. Even if my enemies have the cure, I will gladly take it.”

However, the nightmares have not prevented him from doing his work at the Senate and to date, Lusaka has remained  fearless, impartial and objective.

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