Kenyan Entrepreneurs already Mass Producing the Madagascar Cure

Several Kenyans have been arrested in various stages of either manufacturing, distributing or exporting the Madagascar cure for Covid-19.

In Ongata Rongai, two people were arrested with more than 400 bottles of a concoction labelled ‘Madagascar Cure’ with evidence that they had already handled more of that stuff. The two who appeared to have connections with people all over the continent are suspected to have been in business for a number of days.

One person was also arrested in Mombasa at an advanced stage of manufacturing the purported Madagascar cure. The man who admitted that he was actually commercially making the drug said that it was the original cure and not illegal. Authorities had a hard time trying to determine if the stuff was genuine since no one knows how the Madagascar cure looks or tastes like. There was also no legal framework that could be used to charge him.

Elsewhere, a container that was enroute from Nairobi to Lagos was intercepted at JKIA after it was suspected to contain contraband goods, only for the port authorities to find bottles labelled Madagascar cure. Initial investigations showed that the origin of the stuff was Kenya, an indication that somebody was mass producing the drug.

Authorities are now trying to figure out what is happening and if indeed Kenya has become the biggest manufacturer of the Madagascar cure. There is a possibility that drug dealers in Kenya have shifted their trade.

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