AG Warns that Corrupt Judges are a Competition to the Government of Kenya

The Attorney General of Kenya has lashed out at the Judiciary for what appears to be a form of competition with the government in terms of corruption.

In a press conference, Attorney General Paul Kihara said that the judiciary has shown signs of being overly ambitious by attempting to march the energy the government has dedicated to corruption, a serious conflict of interest.

“We cannot allow two arms of the government to outdo each other in terms of corruption. We call upon the judiciary to stand down and let the Executive specialize in corruption and they can choose another field. There are so many unexploited potentials out there and we don’t have to fight for the same revenue streams.”

The AG further added that the reason why the government blocked the appointment of corrupt judges was because more corruption in the judiciary would mean less corruption in the Executive, something that was unacceptable. He said that the government should be the monopoly when it comes to corruption, and invited those willing to share the loot to join the Executive.

He further cautioned the Legislature from over spilling their corruption from outside the chambers, saying that they are free to corrupt as much as they want, as long as it remains in the confines of the parliament and the Senate.

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