Mombasa Drug Dealer Takes Credit for all Jobs Created in the County this Year

A Mombasa based drug Lord has lashed out at both the county and national governments for failing to create jobs, saying that he was the only one who was creating jobs in the drug ravaged county.

Speaking at his open hideout, the drug baron said that no elected official had bothered to create any jobs and the situation was already getting out of hand in the island county of Mombasa. “The first month of the year is almost over and I have already created 27 jobs, compared to zero jobs that have been created by the government. It is like I am the government over here.”

The drug dealer noted that he had signed up 27 new pick up boys aged between 6 and 21 who will ran his errands, and promised to hire even more because the churn rate is usually high. “We have many arrests, murders and the usual disciplinary process that leads to loss of employees. This means that we have to keep hiring and we can assure the county that we shall have more vacancies coming up.”

The dealer also promised more opportunities once he expands to the neighboring Kwale County. This will happen once he sorts out a few turf issues that stand on the way.

Besides the direct employment, there are more jobs that are created through rehabilitation of drug addicts and numerous NGOs and government programs dealing with drug abuse.

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