Graduate Engineers will No Longer Pay Tax in Kenya

Graduate Engineers in Kenya will be laughing all the way to the bank after recent change of the Pay as You Earn Tax policy will see them exempted from paying the dreaded income tax.

The new guidelines will see all the graduate engineers become the envy of other professions such as the medics, accountants, teachers and even drivers who will continue to suffer under the huge burden placed on them by the taxman. For engineers, the PAYE tax will only become applicable once they transition from graduate to professional engineers.

Commenting on the new directive, the Engineers Board of Kenya termed the move progressive, saying that this was the first step in fighting for the welfare of engineers who lack a trade union to cater for them, hence subject to the manipulative labor policies in Kenya.

“Graduate Engineers will no longer pay tax after the government raised the monthly personal relief to KShs 2400. This means that anyone who earns less than Kshs 24000 a month will not pay tax, and all the graduate engineers fall in this category. Let other professions continue to suffer but graduate engineers have been taken care of by the government.”

Most of the engineers interviewed thanked the government for the good gesture, terming the move as a show of commitment to the welfare of engineers. “The government has shown that graduate engineers are at the center of all government policies and the impact of this will be felt as they develop skills and continue to work towards the industrialization of the country. The future of engineering in this country is bright.”

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