Trevor Noah Announces Early Retirement after Trump Exit Makes Him Irrelevant

The second highest ranking South African in the US, Trevor Noah, has been forced into early retirement after his comedy career came to a dead end with Trump retirement.

The comedian who made a fortune out of Donald Trump realized that it is time to cash out when Trump failed to clinch to power and Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US president. With Trump dissolving into obscurity, so did Trevor’s career, and his jokes.

“It was good while it lasted,” said a nostalgic Trevor Noah. “While I did not want Trump back in office, my career would have been better with him back. Now I cannot make jokes about Joe Biden who is a very old man because back in Africa we do not joke about very elderly people. I might end up cursed!”

Unfortunately, Trevor Noah does not have the option of starting a tech company and becoming the second richest man in the world because the startup world is no joke. The options on the table are very limited.

Moving Back to South Africa

The millionaire comedian may have no other option but to ditch the skyscrapers of New York and climb the tress of New Hanover, South Africa, where he can realign his life and make himself useful to the world again. South Africa offers a good place for him to start because Cyril Ramaphosa is similar to Trump in many ways, except a few where Ramaphosa is worse.

The same fate will also befall Elon Musk should his multiple gambles fail to materialize, where he will move from being a god in the US to just another South African immigrant. Luckily, both of them are from South Africa and not just Africa, hence there will still be some dignity left. It would be worse if they Trevor Noah was going back to Africa.

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