Why are Witches in South Africa Demanding for Priority Covid-19 Vaccination?

Witches in South Africa have added their voice to the Covid-19 vaccine debate; they want to be prioritized during the vaccination of health care workers. The request (or the demand because there are repercussions for denying witches what they want), is something that would be expected of every human. However, the fact that the same […]


Trevor Noah Announces Early Retirement after Trump Exit Makes Him Irrelevant

The second highest ranking South African in the US, Trevor Noah, has been forced into early retirement after his comedy career came to a dead end with Trump retirement. The comedian who made a fortune out of Donald Trump realized that it is time to cash out when Trump failed to clinch to power and […]


Parents in South Africa Announce a Covid-19 Vaccine after Scientists Sleep on the Job

Parents have beaten Scientists to a Covid-19 Vaccine, with The National Association of Parents in School Governance announcing a new vaccine that is 100% effective against the Covid-19 virus. Announcing the new vaccine, President of the Association, Mahlomola Kekana, said that parents were committed to the continuity of education and the welfare of the children. […]

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Smokers will now be Charged with Attempted Self Arson in South Africa

The South African government has decided to take the war on smoking to a new height, or if you like it, new low, by now declaring smoking an act of arson. In the argument that presented at the Pretoria High Court, the government said that smokers were trying to set themselves on fire which is […]


Kenyans Ranked as the Worst Bullies on Twitter by UN body

A survey by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has ranked Kenyans as the worst bullies on Twitter. In the survey which Kenya tops and Canada comes last at position 171, Kenyans excelled in their ability to come together and attack their common enemies, as well as deconstructing both real and perceived […]


South African president Cyril Ramaphosa Gives the Wrong State of the Nation Address, Nobody Notices

South Africans were caught up in a time capsule moment when the President Cyril Ramaphosa accidentally read the same state of the nation address as the one he gave two years ago, with no one realizing that history was literally repeating itself. In a Televised speech from the nations parliament, the president removed a copy […]