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Egerton University Warns that the next Strike Will Cost Students KES 94,628 Each

Egerton University has warned that should students go on strike again, they will be forced to pay KES 94,628 each as a levy charged for the damage they will cause.

Speaking at the University, the Vice Chancellor said that they expect will not hesitate to charge the students the hefty amount if they go on strike, unless of course, they do not go on strike. She said that the decision was all in the hands of the students and they should choose to do the right thing.

Asked how the figure was arrived at, the VC said that their advanced disaster prediction model had informed them that the next strike would cost the university KES 1.32 billion, and this figure would be divided equally among the 13,953 students.

She promised that class representatives would receive a 50% subsidy for the penalty.

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