Kenya Cracks Down on Police State Allegations with Six Strokes of Cane

In a bold move to silence critics and uphold national unity, the government of Kenya has issued a decree that anyone who claims Kenya is a police state will be subjected to six strokes of the cane in public. The decree, which was announced by the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, states […]


The American Embassy in DC Failed Donald Trump

President Donald Trump faced a major set back after his supporters failed to make meaningful impact at the US Capitol. Instead, the joke was on them as some of them got arrested and Donald Trump banned from several social media platforms. This embarrassing turn of event was as a result of one error. The American […]

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Pelosi’s Lectern Looted During Capitol Riots Resurfaces in Hall 9 of the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is breaking records again and this time it has to do with the United States Capitol riots. During the recent attempted coup, Trump supporters raided the House of Representatives and one of them was seen carrying the lectern that is used by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Although the person was […]


Experts Caution that Even if Black Lives Will Start to Matter, African Lives Won’t

Experts are raising concerns that even if the current wave of Black Lives Matter movements manages to achieve something, though highly unlikely, Africans lives will still not matter. The concerns raised stem from the fact that Black lives and African lives are not the same thing, and while the former has had its fair share […]


Protests in the US end Abruptly after Trump Endorses Them

The large protests that have been running in almost all parts of the US came to an abrupt end after Trump Tweeted his support for the protests. In the fastest ever recorded mass change of mind that has never happened before in history, most people who have been supporting the protests against killing and harassment […]


ISIS Moves on to Other Targets After US Commits to Self-Destruction

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has indicated that it will stop targeting all American interests and instead focus on other viable targets effective today, following the United States’ commitment to self destruction. Speaking in a undisclosed location within Syria, the ISIS spokesperson said that the organization would no longer engage with […]


Alex Ndiritu to Appear in Money Heist Season 5

Alex Ndiritu, a Kenyan man who hails from Nyeri County is set to appear on Money Heist Season 5. Alex who hit the headlines of social media platforms after he single handedly spearheaded a riot in the US right from his bedsitter in Nyeri is said to have received several phone calls from major movie […]


Meet Alex Ndiritu – the Guerilla RiotLord who is Leading US Protests from Kenya

Holed up in a dimly lit bedsitter in the outskirts of Nyeri town is one nondescript young man who looks like he would not mind a small donation of money, brains or even adventure. But that is just about the looks which are always deceiving, because Ndiritu is the man tasked with coordinating the riots […]