Meet Alex Ndiritu – the Guerilla RiotLord who is Leading US Protests from Kenya

Holed up in a dimly lit bedsitter in the outskirts of Nyeri town is one nondescript young man who looks like he would not mind a small donation of money, brains or even adventure. But that is just about the looks which are always deceiving, because Ndiritu is the man tasked with coordinating the riots taking place in the US, and he is doing it with lethal efficiency.

The 29-year-old is a well known figure in the world of riots, having coordinated various protests in Iran, France, Egypt, Hong Kong, and most recently Brazil, but his current objective today is to smoke out racism out of the US of A. Based on the images we are seeing, he seems to be achieving this with a high degree of success.

Ndiritu has turned out to a feared guerilla riotlord who specializes in peaceful protests (most of the time) and is the reason why every government has to think before it does anything stupid. Security agencies know that of Nderitu gets contact with disgruntled citizens in any country, the end is near. Mugabe did not know this and he fell. So did Hosni Mubarak.

How did he gain such skills that are able to give Donald Trump sleepless nights?

It is a case of determination, luck and also coincidence. Alex happens to have been born in Kibera where every child comes with their own stone. He lived there until he was 14 years old, where he joined Kisumu Boys’ High School. It was here that he got to learn the art of protests and mastered the skills of picketing. Fate saw him join the University of Nairobi to study Bachelor of Science in Microprocessor technology, a useless course that has never gotten one employed in Africa. The only skill he got from the University was how to conduct riots.

At the moment, Alex is busy in his makeshift Situation Room where he is directing the leaders on the ground on the next steps to take after each victory. He may not be widely known, but history will put his portrait very close to that of Martin Luther King, Jr.

His favorite movie still remains to be Olympus Has Fallen.

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