Horned Melon facing Discrimination due to its resemblance to Corona Virus

The horned melon, also known as Kiwano, thorn melon, or Cucumis metuliferus for those who made full use of their school fees, has reported numerous cases of discrimination, abuse and species-based violence due to its similarity with Corona Virus.

The fruit which is loved for its medicinal value is facing a backlash for the opposite of what it does, with some people claiming that it is a close relative to corona virus, resulting in isolation and social distancing from it. A check at the local market showed that it was no longer being stalked, with tons of the same fruits now rotting in farms all around the world.

The fruit bears some form of resemblance to the corona virus, although no one knows how the virus looks like save for the images shared on media.

“It is plain weird that after dedicating all my life to curing unknown disease, I am now being accused of being a virus and bringing new disease on earth. Humans are some very thankless plants!” lamented one thorn melon that was trashed uneaten.

Other victims of the corona virus include spiked balls like the one shown below which are used for massage, or others that are simply toys for children.

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