How to tell if you are a Chokora

The greatest revelation this week has been that most people who think they are rich are actually chokoras in Nairobi.

We have put together a guide to help you do some self-reflection and know where you stand. In this ‘know thyself’ guide, we would want to lead you in a journey of self-searching and reflection. Perhaps, you will end up in the lane where you belong.

  1. How much school fees arrears do you have? Is it 3.4 million or you have only paid tuition but unable to pay 5600 bob for transport?
  2. You might be a Subaru owner, but can your child speak German?
  3. Can you demand that the president addresses your small matters in person, or you just cry out to ‘serikali saidia’ in general?
  4. Do you have a vehicle rotting away in a random police station?
  5. Does the media show up when you cry and throw tantrums, or is it just your neighbours who give you audience majorly for entertainment purposes?
  6. Do you have a high-profile case in court, or its your chief and landlord who settle all your disputes?
  7. Have you ever been accused of owning a whole town, like Naivasha, or you are still struggling to buy a 20 by 30 plot in Kangundo, just 15 minutes’ drive from JKIA via bypass?

If you are still confused about your status, start collecting used plastics and sell them to an Asian near, for that is where you belong.

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