How to Calculate Your Net Worth Based on your Social Media Followers

The age of owning physical assets died with the birth of Mark Zuckerberg, and only dynasties have tangible assets. Today’s young person has nothing to show at the age of 30, not because they are poor, but because they have different kinds of assets; social media followers.

The number of followers you have on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and others determine how valuable you are to the world. But how exactly do you measure this worth?

This is a question that has given social scientists some sleepless nights. Luckily, researchers at PostaMate have found just the right formula to calculate your net worth and we can share with you the formula so that you can value yourself. Here we go.

Platform Matters

While all followers are created equal, not all platforms are equal. Here is the hierarchy of followers according to experts:

  1. Guthub
  2. Reddit
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Facebook
  6. TikTok
  7. Instagram
  8. Telegram
  9. WhatsApp
  10. Signal

To understand this data, you need to know that one follower on Reddit is worth 10 followers on Twitter, 100 followers on LinkedIn and 1000 friends on Facebook.

Ratio of Followers to Following

While some platforms do not have followers who are distinct from those following you, it matters that you have more people interested in you than you are interested in them.

If you follower 12 people and are followed by 213 people, you are better off than the one who follows 18k people and is followed by 9k people. That is how it works. To be followed means power, and your net worth is high.

Likes and Retweets

While you may have followers, do people interact with your content? It is the classic case of a tree falling when there is no one to hear. Even if it makes a sound, all this is pointless.

You need to have people liking your posts and engaging with your content. That is a mark of power, hence high net worth. If you always have the same people liking your content, that is not good enough because you are not impacting new people.

Applying the Formula

How then do you apply the formula? It is not hard.

N = (P * R * L)0

N is the networth.
P is the Platform.
R is the ratio of following to followers.
L is the average number of unique likes and engagement

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