Israel Defense Forces Vow to Stand with Palestinians, Just like Everybody Else

Israel Defense Forces has made a commitment to stand with Palestinian people following the escalation of violence between Palestine and Israel in recent weeks.

In an attempt to keep up with the trend where every person and country stands with Palestine, Israeli forces said that they are going to promote a few hashtags and send support tweets in solidarity with Palestinian people. This followed concerns that Israel was not doing enough to support the Palestinians.

“We stand with the Palestine people who have suffered due to forces beyond their control, and we will continue to send message of good will and do our usual businesses. IDF stands with those who we will bomb tomorrow, and the various buildings and hospitals that we will flatten next week. We are committed to standing with these innocent people who have been caught up in a conflict that needs to keep going on.”

The statement was echoed by the allies of both Israel and Palestine, all of whom have expressed commitment to standing with the Palestine people during these tough times.

Iran president Hassan Rouhani said that Iran would continue to stand with Palestine. His US counterpart Joe Biden said that the US was committed to ensuring that the humanitarian condition for the people in Gaza was beyond reproach.

Gaza Under Attack

Celebrities, ordinary people and world leaders have expressed solidarity with people in Palestine, and most are hopeful that the hashtags and tweets will help improve the situation on the ground.

Meanwhile, Gaza residents continue to find comfort in the knowledge that the world is standing with them. As long as they can avoid the bombs and stay alive, they are assured of a world that is united in standing with them.

Luckily, all the world is standing with Palestine, including the Israel army.

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