Lemons Join Middle Class after Overtaking Apples as the most Expensive Fruits

A silent coup is brewing in the Kenyan markets after Lemons overtook apples to become the most expensive middle-class fruit in Nairobi.

The takeover which is now complete has seen lemons become one of the most expensive fruit one can buy today, thanks to their medicinal property against Covid-19. It is a long dream come true for lemons as the colorful apples count their losses in the not very democratic price wars.

“This is disgusting,” said an agitated apple. “They have neither a smooth skin nor an attractive skin color. How can lemons be more expensive than apples?”

It is not the first time the premium fruit apple has been toppled from the top of the price list. Earlier in the year, tomatoes made good their threat and matched the apple price but that was short lived. Lemons seem to be dedicated and thanks to Corona, the battle might be sustained.

“We have had a plan all along,” said a triumphant lemon. “Previously, we tried to get people to buy expensive lemons by using slogans like ‘when life hands you a lemon make a lemonade.’ Unfortunately, that became a cliché and there was little return on the marketing campaign. Right now, Covid-19 has done it for us.”

The lemons thanked the bats for their new fortunes and promised to pay loyalties if the bats sustain their viral load on humans. For now, the future looks bright and it is just a matter of time before they overtake the kiwi fruit.

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