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Onset of Mango Season Spells Doom for Atheists in Kenya

For most people, Covid-19 has been the pandemic to beat but atheists face a different kind of pandemic that is only just starting: the mango season.

The Mango season is back, possibly with some revenge. And as one self-declared mango expert warns, “it will be juicy, it will be fleshy, it might be messy, and will definitely have some casualties.” Atheists are the most likely potential casualties.

Early in 2020, a well-known atheist in Kenya converted to Christianity after tasting a mango in Makueni county. Details of the event remain scanty, but they shook the whole atheist world. It was reported that the victim closed their eyes as they savored one big juicy mango, lifted their hands and proclaimed ‘God is the greatest!’ Eye witnesses said that he was the most dejected and reluctant convert they had witnessed.

It is in the backdrop of this even that Atheists in Kenya have asked their members to socially distance from Makueni County, which is the leading producer of mangoes in Kenya. They want a cessation of movement of mangoes in and out of the County until April 2021.

“We do not want to restrict our people from traveling to Makueni because that is not in line with our faith, but we ask them to socially distance from fresh juicy mangoes because it is harmful. It is OK to go for the stale ones sold in Nairobi but getting them right from the source is harmful.”

The lethal yellow, orange, red, or green fruit which fleshy and juicy dominate the first part of the year has already landed in the markets and all the possible mango hotspots are under surveillance. Kenya being the leading producer of mangoes in Africa makes Makueni county the ground zero of the pandemic.

Pray for the atheists.

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